Monday, October 27, 2014

Coffeeneuring Rd 2: For want of a proper cup and a windscreen.

Shop 2: The Fruited Plain Cafe
Trip: 2.3 miles
The espresso was lovely, rich with a smooth finish. But please,
PLEASE never serve it in a paper cup unless you have absolutely no other option
Someone (Tolkien, among many, I'm sure) has said that we easily remember days that are dark and dangerous, while times that are good and lovely take little time in the telling and are quickly forgotten. If nothing else, recording these little coffee runs will help me remember the days that were lovely. We've had an outstandingly gorgeous fall, one which I hope to remember for a long time. 

Trip: 6.5 Miles
French Press

This CWOW takes place at a local park that recently changed hands from city owned to county owned. So I'm not certain if any new rules have come into play, and if I was trespassing as a result. No one was around to tell me otherwise; I had the place to myself at 5:30 am.

Thanks to a swirling breeze, even after 15 minutes on the stove I didn't get the water to a rolling boil. Rather bitter coffee resulted. After a little extra time in the press, the brew evened out to that nice, satisfying smoothness that a proper press should have.
It takes an event to get me out the door this early. But I never regret it. As rural as Iowa is, its hard to find places open to the public where you can be alone. This is one of those rare places.

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