Tuesday, April 2, 2013

30DOB: Day 1

If there is a habit of cyclists that I want to avoid, it's the need to tell everyone about my biking exploits. I want what I put up here to be useful or enjoyable to read. I don't want this blog to be a venue for bragging.

So why the 30 Days of Biking?

It may sound trite, but one of the greatest strengths that we have as cyclists is each other. Think of it: when you flat, someone with a pump and a tube is an angel in lycra, when you have questions about equipment or clothing, a LBS is an endless source of advice and experience. Then we have the online community, which is a massive resource for information. 30 Days of Biking is an expression of that community, an encouragement for us when we feel like freaks for abandoning our cars.

There is only one rule for the 30 Days: Ride every day, and share your adventures.

I only found out about this yesterday, so today was my first ride. I'll get two in today, which should make up for it, right?

Day 2: 7:00 am. Deliver muffins to Fruited Plain cafe. 20F. No wind. Heard a mourning dove for the first time this spring. Robins have been appearing and disappearing for weeks as the weather has veered from spring to winter and back again.

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