Monday, March 18, 2013

Bike Shop:3/16/13


Task: Overhaul of three Schwinn 1990s? era mountain bikes. All from same family, almost identical issues  All 3x7 GripShift, with cantilever brakes, no suspension.

Red Schwinn: Replace seat, both Grip Shifts, grips. Tune and lube. 1 hr
Blue Schwinn: Replace seat, grips, pie plate, rear tire. Tune and Lube 1 1/4 hr
Green Schwinn: Replace seat, both Grip Shifts, grips, pie plate, chain, front wheel and tire. 1 3/4 (multiple walk-ins)

Lesson: The Green Schwinn had significant damage to the ends of the handlebars. I attempted to file the ends smooth, which had worked on the previous bikes, but that was unsuccessful. Final Solution: Hacksaw off damage, file burrs off, and we're good to go.

Off topic: Perhaps it's growing up riding bikes like these, but while taking them for test drives, all I could think was "curb hop, curb hop, curb hop."

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