Friday, March 15, 2013

Bike Shop: 3/14/13

[As an attempt to keep tabs on improvement as a bike wrench, I'll be doing reports on work at the shop. Will include type of work, time on tasks, and any lessons learned. While I cannot hope to replace Sheldon Brown, I can try to pay forward some of the knowledge I've gained. To anyone with any experience on bikes, my problems and lessons will seem laughably amateur.]


Task: Assembled two new bikes, a Cypress (hybrid) and a Dash (roadbike with mountain type bars) I spent two hours putting them together. I feel like it should take about half that long. Most of my time (that I feel I can improve on) is spent fooling with the indexing.
Problem: Front derailleur on Dash jammed when shifting to large ring.
Lesson: Moved derailleur up. This enabled the chain to clear the shift without wedging between ring and derailleur cage. Problem solved, though I'm not impressed by the default setting up of this particular bike. Chainwheel, chain and derailleur are pretty much fixed sizes, shouldn't they be easy to put in the correct spot when you're making several thousand of them?

Off topic: There is a bat(bats?) in the rafters.

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