Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Bike(s)

Though none were for me, the bike shop was swimming in new bikes this Saturday. After wrenching on bikes built from the seventies to the nineties, getting to assemble brand new bikes was almost jarring.
The day was (I think) typical of preseason work at the shop; lots of new parts coming in, a few customers asking about new bikes for the season, a few preseason tune ups.

One bike that came in was a very nice full carbon road bike. I've seen these on occasion, though most of the local riders are on some form of alum/carbon mix. What made this bike unique was the rider, a gentleman in his seventies. Apparently he's been riding a Schwinn (traveler?) from the 1970's since it was new and decided he was due for an upgrade. Dave did keep the handlebars at seat height, and the areo bars are set up as much for comfort as for speed. Regardless on your thoughts about carbon fiber/steel and racer/unracer, I'm just glad to see someone ignoring the so-called obstacle of age and just riding.

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