Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grinning like an idiot: Porteur Rack

Every morning, I deliver muffins to our local cafe. My wife does the baking, but since O showed up a few months ago, its been easier for me to do the delivery.

I've been using the car for deliveries, but broke out the porteur rack this morning. I bungeed the container (approx 2'x3') down to the rack, and away we went.

Delivery went very well. I had some issues with rolling muffins, but that should improve if I can find a container that is smaller and gives a snugger fit. For the ride back, I carted back a bag of flour while holding a cup of coffee in the other.

It's a small, simple, maybe foolish thing, and I could be called petty or smug for it, but I can think of few better ways to start a morning than delivering muffins by bike.

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