Thursday, January 17, 2013


Mileage: 0
Weather: Low thirties, light breeze, clear. For January, it is perfect.

I have been occupied keeping my head above water. Sickness occupied E early in the week, coupled with fragmented nights courtesy O. Now both health and sleeping have resolved, and the weather looks fine once I recover enough to take advantage of it.

I can remember no January where I so longed for spring. Every night at supper K and I look out at the darkness and dream about all the things that we will do with daylight. Both the kids would benefit from some more time outside, but as cruel as the weather can be it feels wrong to put their little selves out in the single digits.

Anyway, jitters. They are a result of a full night of sleep (first since O was born) coupled with too much coffee on an empty stomach,  and (mostly because of) a moved up first day at the bike shop.  "I'll be in the shop doing a major rebuild, may be a good session for you" is what D called it. This is fully two weeks earlier than my original first day. Hence, jitters.

I have all these preconceived notions about what that morning is going to be like. I have questions, mostly about how I will perform. I'm nervous, and over thinking this, and so...jitters. With all the research that I've done to get the job I feel pressure to demonstrate all that I know, instead of concentrating on learning, which was the original intent of all this. Having a basic grasp of what it means to repair a cassette is one thing, trying to memorize which freewheel remover goes with which brand just seems to make things worse.

All that said, I'm very excited about the chance to learn a challenging craft that brings something positive to the community.

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