Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Weather: Mid Twenties, damp, rain in forecast.

A woodworker blogger I follow, Robin Wood, had asked the question that we all ask at some point: "What would we do if money was no object?" Robin has resurrected a craft that most had assumed was dead, and now thousands of woodworkers can trace their knowledge back to him. What had been born from curiosity developed to a passion and eventually a means to make a living

I'm in the process of getting a part time position at one of the places that I would work if money was no object. My full time work is fine, pay is steady and the people I work with are excellent. But it is not work that creates a skill.

This part time work would take head knowledge that I have and convert it to hand knowledge. It will satisfy a curiosity that I have, and broaden my understanding of a craft that I have only just begun to grasp.

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