Friday, October 24, 2014

Coffeeneuring! RD 1

The level of metaphorical dust on this blog is embarrassing, but the coffee is hot and fresh, even if the wind is getting cold and raw. Here's my caffeine-driven report:

Location: CWOW (Coffee without walls)
Distance: 6.2 mi
Drink: Tea (Yorkshire Gold)
Bike: The Frisian (Civia Prospect)

So I had these great plans of riding out at 4:30 am, grinding out a hard training ride before stopping for coffee and heading home by 7 or so. But that was before a flu bug laid me on my back. By Sunday evening of my recuperation the flu had turned into case of cabin fever, so I (slowly) took a direct route to a spot at a local park. The pop can stove was lit, sandwiches were unwrapped, and I started to feel like myself again. (Instructions for building this stove can be found here, I'm happy to answer any questions. My wife might have a point when she says these things have become an obsession.)

There's now been two weeks since my last chance to Coffeeneur. Harvest and the Omaha Jackrabbit have eaten into my weekends considerably. Shooting for a double shot this weekend!

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